Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough: Level 4 – Part 1 (100% Intel) [HD] (PS3/X360/PC)

If you would like to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops: This is the fourth level titled “Executive Order”. The walkthrough will show all intel in the game. This is the 6th part of a complete gameplay walkthrough of Call of Duty: Black Ops for the XBOX 360, Playstation 3, and PC. Played on the XBOX 360. Hope you enjoy! Please rate and subscribe. Developer: Treyarch Publisher: Activision

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25 Responses to Call of Duty: Black Ops Walkthrough: Level 4 – Part 1 (100% Intel) [HD] (PS3/X360/PC)

  1. arturzc54 says:

    if you turn off the gore and language would there still be that one cut scene where he gets stabbed in eye?

  2. M4ST3RL1NKX88 says:

    What do you care? I mean, you’re not an 11 year old pussy or anything.

  3. THEJABAWAKIE78 says:

    player cant shoot for shit dosent take cover and has a poor idea of weaponry the dual mag ak is far more practical than the opticed ak

  4. Linkmaster11roblox says:

    i was curious on wht they said on 5:17 so i paused the video grabed google translate :D

  5. Tonio99 says:

    @Linkmaster11roblox a cursed dogs lol

  6. MrCrAzYAfRoGuy says:

    SORRY 4 SPAM!! i would appreciate if you check out y channel. ive got commentarys from black ops to racing games,thanks.

  7. jaggernutox says:

    u know destroying a space rocket is not dificulte all that fuel it easy egnited an then boooooom sry speling

  8. xero907 says:

    I love it how there are so many ways to kill a person in black ops. Knife them, bash them against a wall, punch them, throw them off the building…

  9. faokim says:

    Fishbeds flying low! nice!!

  10. gadalf123 says:


  11. lild8132 says:

    my nuts 10:36

  12. ZXsniperEYE says:

    holy shit. the last part. what made mason think to kill john f kennedy

  13. stickfigure001able says:

    Thumbs up if your watching in full screen!

  14. MrDJ2105 says:

    it would be such a fail if at 10:28 it would bulletproof glass xD

  15. 6628216 says:

    “mason on me” sounds a little gay for the ARMY

  16. LyrikalJayy2011 says:

    who do you drop down lol

  17. LyrikalJayy2011 says:

    opps i meant was “how do you drop down” lol

  18. CrYoChaOtic says:

    Hey guys I am starting a new MW2/Black Ops Clan called CrYo, if you are interested in joining message me or post on my comments page.

  19. sweetdaddyabe14 says:

    @Ironside451 lol thats wat i said

  20. sweetdaddyabe14 says:

    @kekkan and also y r the chinese r enemies i thought there were on our side..or i just misunderstood?

  21. brainwasher9876 says:

    @sweetdaddyabe14 the chinese?

  22. mysticmacmagic122 says:

    @nath9n15 your gay

  23. MrAudry08307 says:


  24. MyxxOfficial09 says:

    Love this game!!

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